21 10 2009

All the time I’ve spent building my career, I had forgotten who I was.

I had forgotten why I had left my home to travel the world…

I had forgotten my goal in life.

This sudden realization of the lacking within me hit me while eating alone at a fast food restaurant.

The 2 cute boys with their mothers against the backdrop of the overly populated city made me realize how many layers of trivialities I had built around myself.

Who am I?

I’ve always know this…

But the effortless Way is a Way that requires money.

And so I had abandoned myself in pursuit of this.

Now that sufficiently satiated…

I have returned home…

To myself.

My welcoming was filled with sadness rather than joy –

For returning home has reminded me of why I am still alone…

This path I chose is one I must tread alone.

And tho I surround myself with kindred souls and potential soulmates…

The truth is…none of them can walk with me all the Way.

I do hope you take it upon yourself to bless me with the wholeness that Love gives…

But I know your Fate for me is a selfless one in which my happiness must be sacrificed…

For the Happiness of the Whole.

I am back my guardians…my sisters…my tormentors…

I have returned back onto the path you chose for me…

I only hope you are much kinder this time around my Fates




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