5 11 2010

Is Karma transferable?

Can the good or bad of one transfer to those around them?

This question is haunting…

de Beauvoirian intersubjective morality…

If energy cannot be transferred nor destroyed…

…Then karma unredeemed is prone to change forms.

My life and wavering morality must have some blame in this…

Smoker of 18 years…

Yet it is a 26 year old non-smoker that gets throat cancer.

Is this the woe you wish to bestow on me?

My heart found contentment…

…Found an enduring partner…

And you wrench it away with a lump…

Is this my reminder to proceed with the plan?

Cruel as always I see that only more woe can befall me otherwise.

You have your wish…

…You know what I need…




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