the Rage

5 11 2010

Our double-edged sword…
The root of our confidence…
The origin of our demise.

It exists because we renounce ourselves….
We reflect and despise something within –
Something we cannot face nor accept…
And thus we lash out…

Loved ones.
No one is safe when we cannot face
Our inner demons.

Left unattended it consumes
All within reach…

The fault it finds is not proof
To nurture our Rage…


The proof it finds is that our Rage is

Herein lies the danger…

For a fire that can find reason for its’ existence
Is a fire that shall
Consume us all.

To overcome…
We must be preventative…
To do so…
We must learn to be humble.

The sword that cuts both ways
Will destroy…
But also just as easily create
Opportunity for growth.

And though our faults can lead to our downfall…
They can also be the source from which we are able to
Become better




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