temporal situatedness

Temporal situatedness is a limiting factor that none can control…

Yet it does remain a factor we all understand on some level.

Apathy and neglect results in diminished potentiality,

While facing this harrowing reality head-on will only

Bring one face-to-face with one’s own finitude.

This is the very reason we often chose to be wilfully blind…

Yet, in accepting our mortality we can come to view our gifts

For what they truly are…

Is life not the gift we’ve been given..?

…With death simply the condition we have to accept?

Unfortunate is it when most around are those that waste life away…

Chasing vices and material dreams that seem to

Provide temporary relief from the weight of responsibility.

We can all run if we wish,

But what exactly do we run from but ourselves?

Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations are dependent upon

Our acceptance of our finitude…

…And what we choose to do about it.


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