Magnet Propulsion

Why don’t we use repulsion as a form of energy? A big enough magnetic launcher would be enough to shoot a shuttle into space.

Monorails are an example of how we can achieve high speeds with minimal pollutants (that coming from the required energy attained from dirty coal-fired plants). They also look damn sleek and run almost completely silent.

Why are we so fixated with blowing things up? Rather than use what’s in nature, we instead prefer to use volatile chemicals and throw them into our combustion engines. Seems only explosions make us satisfied. Anything non-violent is uninteresting and undesirable. Seems like toxic fumes are not an issue…

Why not have cars equipped to travel express down a ‘mag-express’ lane? This would be better than a car pool lane and super orderly and be like a flat rollercoaster. We really would be better off just making all the roads and cars magnetized but we are not even close to that.

In the meantime, we should just build a magnetic launch pad and shoot all our crap into space. That should buy us some time from doomsday. The explosion-addicts are sure to be amused as they watch garbage fly into space and join the satellites and debris orbiting the Earth. That should be good enough to bring down that stupid International Space Station for good…


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