Thermoelectric Power

The future has arrived. Utilizing the sun, and the natural movement of particles from hot to cold zones, this man has brought us the future of renewable energy.

No moving parts, no combustion, no problem?!?

It is 2 years now since his patent was approved…and yet JTEC is still unknown. Production of this cannot be that difficult…

Is there another conspiracy in the works? Has oil managed to shut this down?

I hope not…yet I fear so.

This technology has the potential to change the way we harness and use power forever. After all, the energy from the sun that hits the Earth on any given day is more than enough to power all our electricity needs for a generation.

How to capture it, and later, how to store it are the questions that have hindered our research. No longer.

Similar to the principle behind magnetic propulsion, utilizing the laws of nature in unique and creative ways is how we can move our civilization into the next millennia.

So what is holding up production of this???

I suspect the current banking crisis has driven investors to inside stocks…namely energy…specifically…oil, coal, and anything else black and dirty.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do…


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