the Hope

so what will happen if i wish for the best
but the rest are content with what they have?

do i take a stab and hope they see the problem
to the solution that they have wrought?

or do i fight for the freedom that we have all continually sought?

i am sober from discontent
but the energy i have been lent
is threatening to take me away from my simple life.
the ape in me seeks to see
if there is in fact,
some sort of truth in reality.

perhaps the truth is to let loose…
live our lives like it is not in a noose
but an opportunity to free us from our instincts.
instead we ask if perhaps we are destined to be stronger..?
perhaps we are destined to live longer…

are we destined to teach the lessons that we have learned…
or are we forever due to burn
in the fires of our own creation?

as i seek the relation i have with those like me
i can see that what links us is our ability…
…each unique in their own way.
as i play with my strength today i know…

that the further i go
is linked into what i think i know.
this truth is not at all difficult to find…
but we must ever be weary
of relaxing our minds.

my aching is not for salvation…
but some sort of comfort…
some sort of security from the threat of

coherency is sacrificed for clarity…
yet what good is this if it seems to encourage
doubt and insecurity?

perhaps we are free because we believe that we are…
perhaps we are autonomous because we act like we are.
is this enough to release us from our perpetual doubt?

can we truly accept that we are all kin?
humanity separated only by the colour of their skin;
we form deconstructive abstractions
to control our reactions for the sake of what?
to reaffirm our identity at the expense of another.
but what does that really achieve
except to create a sense of false security?

if we can all be what we really want to be
how far will humanity be able to see?
the temporal situatedness of being
can only have meaning if we aim forward together.
whether this is possible we can only guess…
but unless we are willing to digress
and address the corruption within us all…
then our destiny will undoubtedly result in our
fall from grace

when face-to-face with our inner demons,
it is only our acquiescence to their scheming
that will lead to our undoing.
there is no fooling oneself…
thus the only thing to do is to accept oneself.

our lives are directed towards accumulating wealth
in spite of the fact that this hunger can never be satiated.
bloated and saturated with the taint of greed…
it feeds on our insecurities
while we bleed our reality of the tools we need
to fix the mess we have left for our children.

is there any hope for us yet?
or will we be inevitably left to regret all the choices
we could have made?

this is my fear…
this is also my motivation.
let us hope that it can be yours too


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